Services Automation

The #1 PSA solution on
the Salesforce Platform.

Drive efficiency and predictability in every stage of your services organization, from sales handoff to staffing through project delivery. With Professional Services Automation your Professional Service leaders will be empowered to deliver high quality, efficient services that will result in greater customer satisfaction. Manage people, projects, financials and customers in a single solution and gain 360º view of your services organization.

Financial Management

Get accurate, real-time financials.

Automate, simplify and streamline your back office. Financial Management gives your business the power to manage the entire customer lifecycle, from sale to service and product delivery to accounting and finance. With Analytics powered by Salesforce Tableau CRM, your business will gain powerful insights into profitability and performance of the current and future financial health of your business.

Subscription and Usage

Centralize your usage billing and subscriptions.

Subscription and Usage Billing provides a single location for all billing, contract types, renewals and prorations. Products, subscriptions and usage-based models all have unique structures. Billing Central allows you to have a single source of truth to automate billing operations and taxations.

Order & Inventory Management

Simplify order-to-fulfillment processes.

Simplify and manage inventory data at every stage of the fulfillment process with OPI. One solution for everything supports complete order lifecycle from quote to fulfillment to improve profits and drive customer satisfaction. Manage multiple channels for goods and services in one place.

Revenue Recognition & Forecasting

One solution for unlimited revenue models and compliance.

Revenue Management enables your business with your ASC 606, IFRS 15, and AASB 15 compliance needs and eliminates the need for error-prone, manual spreadsheets. Your business is innovating at lightspeed and manual spreadsheets can slow you down. This powerful solution enhances transparency in the financial health of your business to allow for scalable, evolving growth.

Analytics Powered by Tableau CRM

Powerful business insights.

Throughout time your business has been creating and capturing data. Put that data to work for you with FinancialForce Analytics powered by Salesforce Tableau CRM. Gain insights to make data-driven decisions that will elevate your operations, keep customer needs in focus and expand your business footprint.

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