A Message from OpMentors Co-Founders Machell and Jocelyn

“What would you do if you were not afraid?” 

We were in the audience when a speaker at Dreamforce 2013, a conference for Salesforce users, asked this question. We’d mastered Certinia (then known as FinancialForce) and Salesforce in our company, which went paperless with these powerful solutions (a big deal in 2013!) and grew in sales and revenue without scaling the back office. We discussed the question for several days until we had our answer. 

In 2014, we started OpMentors. We wanted to share what we learned with business leaders like you and help you take the guesswork out of using Certinia, Salesforce, and other solutions. 

We’re business consultants and certified Certinia and Salesforce experts in that order. Sure, our team can utilize these tools so they meet the unique needs of your organization. But more than anything, we are passionate about the mentoring relationship we’ll build along the way as we work together to transform your business.

Our logo is a lotus flower for a reason. The lotus flower’s root system and thick stem have adapted to grow underwater so the flower blooms above its surface. Because of these underwater adaptations, the lotus flower thrives in challenging conditions, and your business can do the same. With Certinia, Salesforce, and OpMentors helping you master these solutions, you’ll create a firm foundation for your business to bloom into something beautiful and resilient.

We’re glad to be a part of your business journey,
Machell Enke and Jocelyn Fennewald

Meet our Team

Our team is dedicated to your success. Our fun, personable mentors prioritize collaboration throughout your journey to ensure these solutions meet the unique needs of your business. We work closely with your team until using them is second nature.

Machell Enke
CEO & Co-Founder


From starting a small bookkeeping firm in her early 20s to co-founding OpMentors in 2014, Machell…

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Jocelyn Fennewald
CSO & Co-Founder


Jocelyn has a passion for maximizing success through business processes. Her background…

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Kyle Enke
Partner, Principal Consultant


With over a decade of experience, Kyle’s passion for strategy and solution has driven many…

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Nik Panter
Senior Director of Delivery


Nik has been in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2006, first as a consultant and architect for clients both small and large, and now as a leader in building…

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Jessi Timmons
Sales Operations Manager


Jessi is passionate about helping businesses grow to their fullest potential by creating and implementing strategic workflow systems that drive…

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Christina Douglas

North Carolina

Christina is a leading Salesforce and FinancialForce Consultant with 5+ years’ experience engaging on projects which exemplify the platform’s capabilities…

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Annette Tarabini
Senior Consultant


Annette is a certified Salesforce Administrator and former FinancialForce analyst. With an accounting and HR background that spans various…

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Meghann Milligan


Meghann is a Certified Salesforce Administrator who is passionate about all things Salesforce. She has a solution-driven mindset and a commitment…

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Kelsey Gibson
Project Manager


Kelsey is a certified Project Manager Professional with a background in the finance and nonprofit industries….

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Kanova Mitchell


Coming Soon

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Ikaika Hall


Ikaika is a certified Salesforce Administrator and former FinancialForce Analyst. He also has a Business Administration background

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