If you’re the owner of a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you know it’s not easy to balance the priority tasks and demands of an SMB with limited time, resources, and employees. 

We’ve been there. 

We understand you might face unique challenges in operations and informational technology, but you’re succeeding and growing your business anyway. That’s no small feat!  

Still, certain apps available on the Salesforce platform can make life easier for you and others in your organization. Here are 5 of our favorite Salesforce apps to improve workflows for small and mid-sized businesses. 


Are you using accounting software like Quickbooks along with Salesforce? Do you wish it communicated with your favorite customer relationship management (CRM) platform?

Breadwinner is the app for you. Its bi-directional integration solution lets you connect your accounting software to the Salesforce CRM. Create and view invoices, sales orders, bills, purchase orders, and so much more. 

With Breadwinner, generate invoices from anywhere within Salesforce like opportunities, accounts, or any custom object. You can also view financial information in real-time to take action quickly. 


Good communication among coworkers is crucial for an SMB’s efficiency. Chatter is a social networking tool created for effective collaboration between coworkers and departments. 

With this app, people within your organization can instantly send messages, tag people in projects and tasks, and share data and files. Chatter is a great way to improve transparency across departments and accounts. 

Conga Composer

Recreating documents and manually entering data for proposals, quotes, and invoices is costing you time and money as an SMB.  

With Conga Composer, you can create and edit pre-built templates for frequently used documents. Because the app is on the Salesforce platform, you’ll eliminate any manual data entry since the data is already in your CRM, streamlining your organization’s documentation processes. 


This app also allows you to create documents on the Salesforce platform, but PandaDoc takes documentation a step further by sending and tracking agreements within Salesforce between you and your clients. 

You can send and sign documents from anywhere in the world, creating a more expedient, user-friendly experience for your customers. 

Because Salesforce automatically updates to reflect any changes in documentation, your SMB will close deals faster and accelerate cash flow


After a yearlong pandemic, you’re probably more familiar with Zoom than you ever anticipated, but did you know Zoom integrates with Salesforce too? 

With the app, teams can easily manage sales calls and meetings scheduled with potential customers and clients. Attendees’ information automatically syncs with Salesforce accounts and active history.

With Zoom and Salesforce working together, your SMB will improve its organization and communication so your teams don’t miss a meeting! 

As an SMB, we know your time and resources are valuable. We’re confident your organization will improve its workflows by adding these apps to your Salesforce CRM. Schedule a call today if you need help optimizing these apps for your business. We’ll show you how to use these powerful tools to ensure your SMB gets the most from them.