“Time is money.” It’s an old business saying that is especially true when automating business processes. One process that many companies waste lots of time on is invoicing customers. This activity with the right tool can save you lots of time. This is a process you can quickly automate in FinancialForce , which gives you time back in your schedule and saves you money. Let’s look at what you need to do to utilize automated invoicing in FinancialForce.

Understand your invoicing process

It’s important to fully know a process before automating it. The following questions can help you prepare:

  1. Are you creating manual invoices from the Sales Invoice object in FinancialForce?
  2. Do you create invoices from Billing Events or Opportunities?
  3. Are you using out-of-the-box templates or using Conga Solutions?

Once you’ve fully reviewed your invoicing process, it’s time to start automating it.

Automate your invoicing with Automated Invoicing

The Collections Plus page in FinancialForce is where you’ll automate your invoicing. This is where you’ll find Customer Statements and Reminders. Customer Statements are a list of unpaid or partially paid invoices. Reminders are templates that can be sent before or after an invoice is due. You can also create rules for when they’re sent. These two key components are where you automate your invoicing.

Use templates that stand out

Conga Solutions has many products that help customers create templates using their FinancialForce and Salesforce data. One Conga solution you can utilize is Conga Composer. Out of the box, you can customize account briefs, client letters, sales quotes, sales credit notes, and sales invoices.

The templates for sales invoices can be customized to include your company’s logo and invoice details to make them stand out from the generic templates other companies send out. Trust me, presentation matters. I buy dog food based on how cute the dog is on the package. Adding these little pieces of personalization can differentiate your invoices from the rest.

Automate faster with OpMentors

With any project or undertaking, you can spend a lot of time learning how to set up reminder rules and editing invoice and customer statement templates. It takes time to learn a new skill. OpMentors can help you automate faster. We’re a team of certified Salesforce and FinancialForce experts who know how to quickly set up your FinancialForce org to meet your business needs.

Brandon Urtel