Project Management is Complex

Managing projects and resources in the services industry is complex. We often hear from our clients about inefficient project handoffs, poor resource management, and revenue leakage from un-billed or under-billed services and products. Do these sound familiar?

Here’s what we tell our clients. These pain points are easy to solve with FinancialForce Professional Service Automation (PSA). It’s a scalable solution built on Salesforce that quickly addresses these challenges. It streamlines your projects, giving you the best resources, better project handoffs, and reduced revenue leakage.

Improve Project Handoff

Project handoffs are rarely smooth when you’re using different solutions that don’t sync well or require lots of customized code. Poor system integrations are a common reason for miscommunication between your Sales and Services teams. Miscommunication is bound to happen when your systems don’t fully talk to each other.

These errors are never a problem with FinancialForce. It’s an application built on Salesforce, so you can easily manage all your service projects on a single, cloud-based platform. This minimizes errors and tightens project handoff after your Sales team wins an opportunity.

FinancialForce PSA gives you the visibility you need between Sales and Services to see the financial health of your business and make decisions about the future.

Enhance Resource Management

It’s difficult for your team to reach its full potential without the right project management system. Projects often are destined for failure when mistakes are made during the planning stages. It’s essential to ensure the right employees are on the project, that they have the right skills and certifications needed for success, and that they’re not overstretched with other projects.

FinancialForce PSA offers many ways to enhance resource management in your organization. Its intelligent staffing feature helps you to make quick and informed decisions. It instantly evaluates skills and availability across regions, practices, and groups and produces a stack-ranked result set. This gives your resource managers the power to staff for success.

Eliminate Revenue Leakage

Poor project management is a significant source of margin erosion and revenue leakage. Revenue leakage stems from services or products delivered to your clients that were un-billed or under-billed. These are often due to improper scope planning, loss of control over budgets, or gaps between client expectations and key deliverables.

FinancialForce PSA gives you a clear picture of a project’s “burndown” and instantly predicts if a project is trending correctly or over budget. You’ll be able to see a project’s hours budgeted, charged, planned, and unplanned. It also has lots of automations that help your team focus on more complex, revenue-generating initiatives.

Deliver Successful Projects

Are you ready to improve your project success rates? With FinancialForce PSA, you’ll never have to worry about inefficient project handoffs, poor resource management, and revenue leakage. Your Services teams will have the tools to deliver successful projects consistently.

You can schedule a call today to talk to one of our mentors about your business goals. You’ll learn how our team can help your organization get the most out of FinancialForce so you can make decisions about your current and future growth with confidence.

OpMentors Team