Your front office is thriving now thanks to Salesforce. You’re able to see your customers’ data, and you can manage every touchpoint your business has with them.

But your back office is struggling. There’s no streamlined process for day-to-day operations, making it difficult for employees to collaborate across departments. You’re losing revenue because of manual billing. You’re fearful of financial losses because you don’t have the analytics to make data-driven decisions about the future.

Did you know FinancialForce is an ERP application  built on Salesforce to get your back office up and running smoothly? We’ve experienced firsthand the power of FinancialForce, and we want to share what we’ve learned with business leaders like you.

Here are 3 reasons you should get excited about FinancialForce.        

1.   Get a 360° view of your business.

If you don’t have FinancialForce, then you’re using an accounting system that doesn’t sync or communicate with Salesforce very well (if at all!). Maybe your employees use multiple spreadsheets for internal business processes like expenses, projects, inventory, and billing. Such a disjointed system is costing you time and money.  

FinancialForce is the missing link between your front and back office.

FinancialForce is an application created to work on the Salesforce platform, which means it communicates seamlessly with Salesforce, letting you manage your business in one place. Sounds amazing, right? FinancialForce has different modules for business operations like project management, accounting, billing, and revenue. It’s also customer-centric, streamlining the communication and processes between your front and back office.

2.   Manage projects with ease and efficiency.

Your team isn’t reaching its full potential without the right project management system. Some of your employees might be overworked while others need more responsibilities. Hours spent on projects aren’t always tracked. Poor project management is a major source of revenue leakage and margin erosion.

FinancialForce’s project management system gives you a clear picture of a project’s “burndown,” which predicts if a project is trending correctly or going over budget.

What’s even better? Retrieving a project burndown report takes only seconds with FinancialForce. You’ll be able to see a project’s hours budgeted, charged, planned, and unplanned. With FinancialForce, you can also balance assignments so you’re utilizing your entire bench. When your teams are on one system, everything from project development to billing is streamlined, leaving less room for error.

3.   Make decisions with confidence.

Making decisions about the future keeps you up at night when you’re unsure about the accuracy of your finances. You’re in the dark about your business’s financial health because different departments are working in isolation with different spreadsheets and data.

We’ve been there.

FinancialForce not only provides a single solution for back-office efficiency, but also has powerful analytics so you’re able to see the financial health of your business.

You’ll get an accurate overview of your business so you can take risks and implement changes in your organization with confidence. FinancialForce’s Analytics is powered by Salesforce Einstein so you can make data-driven predictions and decisions that grow your business. You’ll have more brain space to pursue your passion when FinancialForce takes the guesswork out of analytics.We know learning a new system can be overwhelming. That’s why we started OpMentors. Our team knows how to make FinancialForce and Salesforce work for any business. We’ll walk with you step by step until using these tools becomes second nature to you. Schedule a call with OpMentors, and let’s take your back-office operations to the next level.