Getting paid—it’s what your business needs not only to be sustainable but to grow. However, the payment collection process can be difficult and frustrating from start to finish. 

Manual data input and duplication or messy payment integrations are common pain points for many of our clients when it comes to getting paid. Maybe you’re looking for a way to reduce manual processes, errors, and processing costs or add “Pay Now” buttons to your invoices. 

If you’re already a Salesforce or FinancialForce customer or considering it, Asperato offers a solution to these problems. Asperato is a payment collection and processing application that integrates with FinancialForce and Salesforce, providing a single source for viewing and controlling the customer’s journey, specifically in relation to payment. 

Regardless of your business model, Asperato makes collecting and processing payments easy. According to the company, very different business models use the app:

“The solution is used by a variety of business models including: franchises (multi-deposit accounts connected to a Single Salesforce Org), real estate (rental and deposit collection into escrow bank accounts), insurance (premium collections), non-profits (donations), membership organizations (membership dues), services and manufacturing (invoice dues), council and local government (service leveys and online payments) and many more.” 

Today we’re highlighting 3 reasons we recommend and implement Asperato to our clients for payment collection and processing.

1. Asperato, Salesforce, and FinancialForce work together to provide a single source for all steps in payment collection.

We talk a lot about how Salesforce and FinancialForce combined give you a holistic view of your business. Asperato connects payment collection and processing directly to your Salesforce platform, streamlining your business processes even more. 

Asperato is also a code-free solution for your payment collection needs that ensures out-of-the-box functionality and simple customization. 

How does it work? 

FinancialForce and Asperato worked together to build a connector called ReadyApp that brings all core payment functionality from Asperato to FinancialForce’s processes. You don’t have to worry about building or maintaining custom API integrations for different payment processors like Worldpay, GoCardless, Braintree, Stripe, Authorize.NET, and more. 

(The ReadyApp program also connects several other applications with FinancialForce—if you want to learn more about these partners, visit FinancialForce’s website here!)

Because FinancialForce built the integration, it’s maintained and thoroughly tested by FinancialForce and Salesforce. With Asperato, you’ll no longer have to use a payment collection and processing service separate from your Salesforce platform, minimizing manual data entry and errors while accelerating your payment collections and receipts.   

2. Asperato provides multiple options for processors and payment. 

We already mentioned some payment processors compatible with Asperato. You can connect other payment processors like PayPal, Adyen,, Payeezy, and more without the hassle of building and maintaining API connections.  

You can also securely save your customers preferred payment methods using authorizations. According to Asperato, “these can take the form of a tokenized credit/debit card, a direct debit mandate, or an eCheck authorization.” You can use these authorizations to collect one-time or repeat payments in the future. 

Do you or your customers have a preference for receiving payments? 

With Asperato, you can collect payments 4 different ways using FinancialForce’s integration: 

  • “Pay Now” buttons, links, and QR codes – Asperato can generate a “Pay Now” button, link, or even a QR code for any sales invoice or other document that takes customers directly to their payment page! You can also send a link via chat or SMS. 
  • Telephone payments – You can securely take payments over the telephone, which is especially helpful for chasing down those late payments! 
  • Auto pay – You can automate the posting of an invoice and collect payments for subscriptions, memberships, and invoice values.  
  • Community payments – If you utilize FinancialForce Community for your customers, you can allow them to self-serve, select, and pay invoices. 

Asperato is also secure and compliant with Scheme Rules and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. In fact, Asperato is ranked Level 1 in terms of PCI Data Security Standards, providing the highest level of security for card payments and putting your customers at ease.

With Asperato in place, card details also never touch Salesforce or the customer’s website. It is a 100% token solution! 

3. Asperato is built for scaling and new releases.

When you automate tasks and processes, employees don’t just gain time—they gain “brainspace” for

Choosing scalable solutions and supporting applications is crucial for your business. After all, your goal is to grow! Asperato has successfully processed $0.5 billion in the last 12 months, and the app is built to scale with functionality for processing payments in multiple currencies and territories. 

Asperato is also scalable for new releases, and the company announces new capabilities year-round. 

In Fall 2021, Asperato added the ability to include multiple sales invoices in a single payment.* If you have Asperato, you can click “Create Asperato Payment” on the “Account” page layout and select the invoices you want to create a payment for. Then you can send the ePayment link to your customer or process the payment on their behalf! 

Along with accepting customer payments, this spring Asperato introduced the capability to handle outbound vendor payments without leaving the FinancialForce platform. Using Payments Plus to pull up the payable invoices you wish to pay, you can simply click the “Pay” button, and the Asperato integration will automatically process payments via the API through Airwallex directly to your vendor accounts.

This removes the need for downloading bank files or manually logging into your bank account to make or issue checks, increasing security and reducing setup costs. 

We strongly recommend Asperato for streamlining the entire payment collection process, and we partner with the company to implement Asperato for our clients so it meets their unique business needs. Asperato Head of Global Sales and Strategic Partnerships Matt Tully said, “OpMentors works with the expert team at Asperato to ensure FinancialForce is in control of every payment collection journey.” 

If you’d like to learn more, schedule a call today to talk to one of our mentors. We’ll share how our team could help you get Asperato up and running on your Salesforce platform!  

*This functionality is available only for sales invoices. This new release does not support single payment for multiple billing documents without customization.