If you’re like us, you’re probably wrapping up your workday and tying up loose ends before you leave for Thanksgiving. But your mind is already on all of the items on your grocery list that you will need to cook your favorite dish or your grandmother’s stuffing and pumpkin pie you’ll enjoy tomorrow.

In honor of Thanksgiving, our team wanted to do something different this week. Today we’re sharing what we’re thankful for about Salesforce and FinancialForce! 

Most of us are grateful for the new functionalities from FinancialForce’s Fall 2021 release. If you haven’t explored them yet, we’re telling you what we like best to give you ideas about where to start. 

So take a break from your to-do list and learn about our favorite Salesforce and FinancialForce features in 2021 before heading out to enjoy a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast. 

Our 2021 Thanksgiving List

“I am thankful for the flexibility and endless possibilities of the Salesforce platform, which easily allow me to adapt processes as our company grows, our clientele diversifies, and consumer behavior shifts.” 

Jessi Timmons

Sales Operations Manager

“I am grateful for the efficiencies and trust in data integrity achieved with FinancialForce solutions.”

Machell Enke

CEO & Co-Founder

“After having a chance to demo the new FF Datastream, I’m pretty excited about finally having a replacement for the older reliable XL Loader that doesn’t seem to have quite as many quirks.”

Annette Tarabini


“I’m thankful for Salesforce Inbox. We work in Salesforce and Gmail all day, and Inbox allows me to be even more efficient with my time. I’m able to use email templates to quickly send emails without rewriting the same email over and over. Recipients can also choose times for meetings based on my availability instead of playing the back-and-forth game to find a great meeting time. After sending an email, I’m also able to associate the email right into Salesforce with the person(s) and object it needs to be stored on.”

Nik Panter

Director of Delivery

“I’m thankful for the new FinancialForce PSA Resource Request process, which uses Lightning, components, and general functionality.”

Christina Douglas


“I am thankful for the automation tools the Salesforce platform provides, especially Flow, which is an incredibly powerful tool!”

Jocelyn Fennewald

CSO & Co-Founder

What Salesforce and FinancialForce capabilities are you most thankful for this year? Tell us in the comments below — we’d love to know!

Happy Thanksgiving from our team! We’re always here to help if you’re ready to implement these features in your business. Schedule a call today, and let’s talk about how we can get your business up and running on the top cloud solutions for your front and back offices.