“I wish we could provide a service like that for our customers.” 

You’ve had this thought many times after a user-friendly experience on another company’s website, portal, or application. You’d love to provide services and experiences like these, but you don’t know where to start. 

We’ve been there too, and we have good news…

You’re closer than you think with Salesforce and a little help from our team at OpMentors. 

Experience Cloud is a social platform powered by Salesforce. With all of your data already in one place, this platform makes it easy to share as much or as little about your organization as you’d like with customers and partners so they can take action. 

Salesforce’s Experience Cloud is your one-stop shop to create customizable websites, portals, and apps for different groups of people in- and outside your organization.  

Take your services to the next level with Experience Cloud. Here’s how: 

1. Build trust with customers and partners. 

Think of Salesforce as your company’s home for your data, and now you’d like to give customers, partners, and employees a peek inside. Experience Cloud is a social platform that lets you open a “window” to your home, and you’re in control of the data they see. 

People value transparency from a business. With Experience Cloud, you can share data and build trust among different communities. 

When you create a portal in Experience Cloud, your customers can view up-to-date account balances and make payments. If you’re a service provider, let customers and partners view the status of a project or approve timecards. Allow partners to enter bills directly into your company’s organization for business-to-business transactions.

With Salesforce’s Experience Cloud platform, you’ll improve communication and transparency and keep people invested in your business.

2. Create multiple communities that meet different needs within a single organization. 

Here’s the beauty of Experience Cloud: you can open up as many windows to your home as you like! 

Maybe you want to open different windows that serve different communities like customers, employees, departments, investors, and other partners. 

You can create experiences tailored to all of these communities within the Salesforce platform.

Provide an effortless onboarding experience for new employees or an Informational Technology (IT) Help Desk that’s easy to navigate. Make your organization’s latest financials accessible to investors. Share status updates for ongoing projects with customers and partners and communicate quickly with them through Salesforce Chatter.

Offer all of these services and more at the same time, in the same place.

Extend the power of your professional services automation even more with FinancialForce’s Experience Cloud (yes, Salesforce and FinancialForce have this capability!). Different communities can quickly access your organization’s data and take action.

3. Choose an Experience Cloud template or build your own. 

Maybe you’ve dreamed up the perfect website, portal, or app to build trust with customers and partners, but creating it is way outside your skillset. 

Don’t fret: Experience Cloud has templates you can choose from to make your dream a reality. 

Select the Customer Service template to answer your customers’ questions and allow them to see what other customers are saying. Make it easier for them to access and update their account with the Customer Account Portal. Use the Partner Central template to streamline processes like proposals or onboarding for new clients. 

You can also build your own website, app, or portal using pre-built themes. With a few clicks, provide a customizable experience for different communities while maintaining a consistent look and feel that’s true to your brand.

With Salesforce’s  Experience Cloud, the possibilities are endless for serving customers and partners. Not sure where to start? OpMentors is here to help. Schedule a call today, and we’ll walk with you step-by-step to build and launch the perfect user-friendly experience for your organization.